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"I have to say- I was completely impressed with Dr. Ardjmand?s services. I experienced not one moment of discomfort and there was no pain after the procedure. I have obviously have had several dental things done in the past- and I have never had a dentist with such ?bedside? manner and someone who was so concerned about my comfort. I am completely impressed with his services."

Account Executive
Uptown Publications

"Dr. Ardjmand, I would like to personally thank you again for my beautiful smile and a great job you?ve done on my teeth! You have the best dental office in San Diego!"

Best Wishes,

- Alexandra
Realtor Expert

"Dr. Ardjmand and his staff are the best! I really enjoyed having my treatment done at Sunshine Dentistry. They have the friendliest atmosphere. My appointment was quick and efficient."

- Maria

"After having a toothache Dr. Ardjmand took care of the problem immediately and I was out of pain. Other than everything I returned to get the rest of my treatment done. I could have never been more satisfied! Thanks."

- F. R

"Thank you so much for the beautiful bouquet of flowers you sent me. I was pleasantly surprised! I have already been smiling a lot lately, thanks to my new smile, but you made me smile even more. I truly enjoyed my experience at your office. You and your staff are wonderful. Who wouldn't want to go to the dentist?! Thank you for everything and of course my new smile!"

- Claire

"Dr. Ardjmand is the best, I was very comfortable from the moment I walked in the office. His Team is very friendly in person and on the phone. They all made me feel special, so now I can say I found my new dental home. I will refer all my family and friends to see Dr. Ardjmand for any dental needs. I'm so happy and impressed with Sunshine Dentistry, I'm glad I found them!"

- SD

"Dr. Ardjmand, I love your staff! They are amazingly great individuals. I was pleased with every appointment. Everyone was very helpful. I can't wait for my check up in 6 months!"

- Jordan. A

"Thank you so much for everything! Sunshine Dentistry, you rock! Dr. Ardjmand, I couldn't be any happier with my new smile! I get compliments all the time. I am more confident now, thanks to your help. You have a great team with awesome personalities! I felt comfortable from the moment I walked through your door. Once again, I want to thank each and everyone of you! I can smile now!"

- Brandie

"I am so glad I found you! My gums are so healthy now. Perio Protect has changed my life, and thanks to you for recommending it! I suffered so much before, and now everything seems to have change for good! I will continue my treatment as planned, and I am for sure recommending all my friends and family! Thanks and see you soon!"

- RL

"I am thankful to have found Sunshine Dentistry. The staff is professional and the office clean and bright. I received wonderful care from Dr. Ardjmand-- two teeth pulled with pretty much no pain. Small sticks from the local anesthesia being injected. He listened to what I wanted and we have devised a dental plan which I believe is right for me and it was given to me in writing with the approximate cost so I can plan ahead. I had a great experience. Thank you and will see you soon.

- Deborah



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